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June 23, 2021


Choosing a rug or in fact multiple rugs for your home can be a daunting task, with the options available on the market today. So here we look at how to break it down and make the best choice that will meet all your needs. Even though, like many pieces we choose for our home, we can be led by the heart, it is best to start with practicalities.

Look at the size of the space you are purchasing for, is it a small intimate room or a large family space? Once you know where you’re buying for, look at your furniture placement in the room, decide if you want to create a zone by having all your furniture or seating, comfortably sitting on top, or you prefer to go for something smaller to create an intimate nook. When looking at a seating area at the very least you should try to have all front legs of your lounges, armchairs and side tables placed on the rug. If in doubt go bigger, there is nothing more uncomfortable and aesthetically unpleasing then a floating rug with nothing grounding it to the space. Another good option is to get out the masking tape, always a winning tip, when trying to visualise your space.    

Giancarlo Valle Studio living room design, curvy back green velvet sofa    1 Noble - Gamma

Marc Costa on Instagram: “#interiors #interiordesign #design #theworldofinteriors #architecturaldigest #homedecor #decor #lifestyle #instadaily #inspiration #photo…”

What’s your next priority, this could be price or material? If your budget is healthy and this is an investment piece, you can’t go past wool, it’s not only the ultimate in luxury and the fibre used since the beginning of rug history but when looked after can last decades and some Persian wool rugs for example, actually appreciates in value. A large Wool rug can be a statement piece, a work of art and can bring your whole space together. If your budget is a little more on the skinny side you still have many options, so look at your material preference to narrow things down.

Many people have a strong opinion on Synthetic Fibre Rugs, for all of there hardy, cost effective and stunning design options, the fact that they are not a natural fibre will rule them out, in this instance, a jute or sisal woven rug or a cotton Kilim will give you a good starting point. If your space is on the larger side or you want a to create a statement, layering two rugs is a great option and one Designers often use. A large Jute Rug with a smaller wool or cotton rug on top makes for quite a feature.

If your happy to consider the Synthetic option, there are so many gorgeous designs and colours to choose from. There are many reasons why a synthetic rug should be considered, price is the obvious one, but most synthetic fibre rugs can also be easily cleaned in comparison to some of their natural counterparts, which make them a great option for families with both two and four legged kids. Being cost effective also means that buying a rug that is on trend in regard to pattern or colour is less scary as it can be changed when you want to go in a different direction.

     Tips for Rearranging Your Home - THE M.A. TIMES            2   Cream Chocolate

             Blue velvet sofa and asymmetric bookcase

Now you’ve got to the fun part, deciding on the Colour and Style of your new rug. Like other stables in your home, your lounge or dining table for example, a rug can blend or contrast depending on your personal preference. If you like a more minimal feel, an uncluttered fuss free take on interiors, going for a colour that blends with its surroundings will work well. This can be solid with some texture by choosing a short pile with added silk or viscose, or a long pile that will add layers and interest. A pattern rug can also be a good choice if you stick to the same hue throughout the pattern.

For those who are a little more adventurous or just love having more then one hero piece in a room, look at your pattern options, traditional medallion or watercolour floral, it all depends on the look you want to create. Pick out any current patterns in your room, cushions, curtains, lounge fabric, or even the lines in your furniture or architecture, do you favour the curve of an armchair design or arch doorway, or the sharp clean lines of window shutters or celling panelling, all these observations can help you work out your design style and what rug pattern will work best.

Colour works the same way and should be treated like we do when we consider the colour of our walls or lounge cushions. Look up a colour wheel online and see what colours complement or contrast with your current look, by where they sit on the colour wheel. A hot tip from one of the top Interior Designers, check out your own wardrobe, what colour

do you like to wear? what colour makes you feel good? At the end of the day, your home should be your happy place and evoke the same emotions we have when we put on our favourite pair of jeans or a stunning new dress.

So be brave and most importantly have fun when choosing a new Rug for your home.

      For each home decor style, there’s always a matching sofa and we are pretty sure you will find it here. Have a look and discover amazing sofas that will make you feel at home! #sofas #sofadesign #luxurysofa #modernsofa #interiordesign #interiordesignideas #interiordesigntrends #luxurydesign #homedesign #livingroom #livingroomdesign #livingroomdecor    3     Moscow - Silver



1 Noble, Gamma, available at Coconapple

2 Kenya, Ralph Lauren available at Coconapple

3 Moscow in Silver available at Coconapple

All Room images via @pinterest 

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January 21, 2021


Do you ever wish you had a reset button on your home? 

Completing a monthly or even yearly reset can make all the difference in keeping on top of the chaos at home! 

Here’s a full list to get you on track to a refreshed start to the new year.

1. Start in the bedroom. After all, it is where we spend 76% of our time at home. When was the last time you flipped your mattress? Rotating your mattress regularly is important because it helps to keep your it comfortable, and means you'll be able to use it longer! Change your linen! Mixing up colours to match the current season is another way to give your space a fresh look.

2. Sort and cull the linen cupboard. This can easily become a place in the home that becomes cluttered and ends up having the doors shut and being ignored. A thorough culling session every couple on months can help you stay on top of this space and avoid the chaos.

3. Restock all of your cleaning products. Keep a back stock of your commonly used items in the laundry for easy access. Commonly used items you can keep extra stock of include; laundry detergents, dishwashing liquid, multi-surface spray, paper towels. 

4. Donate old kids toys. Each year with another round of birthdays, Christmas and standard trips to the toy aisle in the grocery store, the kids toys collections can get out of control!  Keepsake toys can be stored in plastic storage containers. Out of sight, out of mind!

5. Tackle the fridge and freezer. Check for any expired goods and for food you are just not going to eat. Empty out the freezer at the beginning of the week and create a menu of meals you can create from what's in your freezer. I bet you'll be surprised with what you can come up with! Set yourself a challenge! 

6. Tidy the junk drawer. We all have one and we all know this is a space in the house that is often in need of a good cull. Use a cutlery caddy to help section out the space and make organising it that tad easier. 


Do you have a house reset routine already in place? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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January 06, 2021


Wanting an insta-worthy bookshelf but not quite sure where to start? Look no further! Here are our top tips to creating a personal and aesthetically pleasing shelving unit.

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December 16, 2020


Did you know that your bedroom decor has a direct affect on your quality of sleep? Well, it’s not scientifically proven but it sure does make it easier to relax!

Here are our top tips for creating a zen space for maximum relaxation.


When was the last time you replaced your mattress? Apparently, we’re meant to replace them every 7-10 years (oops!). Have a think about it. Have you been restless at night? Waking up feeling unrested? Feeling aches and pains throughout the day? Perhaps it’s time to ditch your current mattress and upgrade. Accompanied with great pillows, a super comfy mattress can make all the difference to your sleep!




When it’s time to wind down, switch off the lights, flick on a warm bedside lamp and feel yourself relax. Warm lighting feels natural to us in the evenings and promotes relaxation. Think those deep reddish globes you can find almost anywhere. 



A good quality candle can warm and purify the space. For the bedroom, think relaxing scents like lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang. Our favourite is the Woodwick Lavender Spa range. There’s a reason why everyone lights a candle during a de-stress ritual.



Remember a good old fashioned alarm clock? Let’s bring them back in 2021 and make an effort to reduce technology used in the bedroom. It has been proven time and time again that spending time on your phone right before bed disturbs the quality of your sleep. Try leaving the technology outside, lighting a candle and reading a book under warm light.



It has been proven that exposure to nature reduces stress levels. Brining nature in the bedroom is a sure way to add a little zen to your sleep space. Think natural linen or bamboo sheets, wooden furniture, a jute rug and a few living plants (but make sure they’re the type that can survive with minimal light exposure).

6 tips for a zen bedroom


Earth tones are drawn from nature and therefore promote a relaxing environment. Current earth hues on trend include forest green, deep rust, tan, sand and terracotta.


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December 09, 2020


Wanting to add some different textures into your living space but not quite sure where to start? Here are our top tips!

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November 26, 2020


Struggling on what you should buy your mother-in-law for Christmas? Or the bloke who has it all? What about the nieces and nephews with every toy under the sun already?

Look no further than Coconapple's range of homewares and gifts, perfect for everyone from the smallest of people to the biggest of big kids. 

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March 12, 2019


If you haven't had a really good delve through the gorgeousness that awaits you in Coconapple, you may not know just how difficult it was to really narrow down my top picks. My intention was to choose just one product per pick, but the stress and indecisiveness had me searching the cupboards for hidden chocolate so I caved, sat back with a glass of wine and chose one range instead.  
So my first pick, something to adorn your walls. Now I know that many love a good coastal print to frame on their beautifully painted walls but these are a little different. Part beach shack cool, part ultimate cheekiness they may not be for everyone BUT that's why I love them. The Hard Love Collection, the name says it all. Think reckless summer love in the perfect location. I chose five but there is more to the Collection.
Next up, THE FLUFFLEBUSTER Collection. Now there's a few reasons I couldn't go past these gems when choosing, obviously beautiful, they come in a few different colours and in both cushions and throws. However there is more to these then meet the eye. Read the descriptions people. I absolutely love the geniuses at Amigos De Hoy, the creative team don't just come up with stunning items anyone would feel privileged to have in their home but they also have THE BEST names and descriptions for each item. Colours like Moonlight and Unicorn, just check out this description...
The Flüffelbuster is a mysterious creature. Living high in secluded mountain tops, they feed exclusively on a diet of volcanic glitter ash and purified rock water.    
Once a year under full moon, they drop their fur in a process called flüffelisation.
The Flüffelbuster Throw is created from silky soft fluffy faux fur, complete with gold lurex sparkles and giant pom poms. It has a tonal suedette backi
Ok lets head down to the floor. Coconapple is a treasure chest of Rugs in particular, so its was a pretty hard choice but ultimately the new Monreale Range won out. Im a sucker for shag pile, I have a little place in my heart for everything 70's, however Im not a massive fan of anything too plain so old school one shade fits all shaggy's had me slightly frustrated. So my dreams came true when Boho Tribal Shag Pile rugs became an actual thing, originally they seemed out of my reach as the high priced, pale cream wool, beautifully unpractical stunners hit the shops. With six paint and jam covered hands that would 100% destroy, there really was no convincing my better half.  Marrying Boho Shag with Polypropylene did the job and now means that anyone can add the mysteries of Morocco to their life. I have to say this Monreale range really is some of the best I've seen. Great designs, size choice and colour range (they have PINK!!!) and just that little extra length on the shag then most it won out. 
Staying at floor level, my next pick is back to Amigos De Hoy or rather their sister brand, Art Hide. I do love Boho as a lot of my home reflects but I always find that I can't completely settle unless I have added an edge to the look. Think a little rock, a little glamour, a little Studio 54 maybe.... I like to add a touch of darker shades to add a moody depth to my rooms. As much as I'm drawn to pics of an all white, natural or pastel homes, in my own home it doesn't suit. When I first came across this range of Hides, I think I may have actually drooled. These hides come in a range of colours with Metallic pattern in either Gold, Silver or Copper. I love them all, but the black with gold batik inspired design calls to me in my sleep....Just beautiful!!!
As for the finale, maybe one that you wouldn't expect unless you have seen a sneaky peak in nearly every room in my house where they are lovingly placed... The WoodWick Candle. Now I really couldn't, with good conscious go past these yummy candles, and I mean yummy with scents that range from baked goods to Sorbets, without adding them to my list. With a very busy household, it's easy to get caught up and forget to enjoy life. Feeling very privileged to be able to make a home in an amazing coastal area, I like to have reminders around me. Like most I'm sure, sometimes it can get to 8pm before I have had time to take in my surrounding. My home is quite coastal/beach (with an edge as I've mentioned) it's a little more California dreaming then high stakes Hamptons but coastal non the less, so having my home's scent match that feel is important to me. My absolute favourites of the gorgeous range is Island Coconut and Beach Boardwalk as they suit my home, however there really is one for all tastes, and that Crackle of the Wood Wick just tops off the whole experience. 
Just one Homewares addict writing about what she loves xx
Coconapple are here to help, leave us a comment if you need input into your selection choices
Images from Coconapple

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February 06, 2019


Here at Coconapple we LOVE our Rugs, so it's no surprise when we come across amazing rooms with statement rugs, that we get very excited. Now if you have ever searched for Statement Rugs to add to you're ever growing Pinterest boards, you will see a common theme by the way of a certain room. There is no better place in our homes for a statement rug quite like the Dining Room.

This once covered space of the 70's and 80's, home to the funky and glamorous valour dining chair and oh so awesome shaggy rug. Moved on to the 'in your face' animal print combined with bold colours, combined with gold, combined with...(you get the point). One consistent being the absolute need and probably very utilised home bar. This was a place of dinner parties and laughter or showing off your home and family to impress you're new Boss and although we have moved on from those Mad Men to Miami Vice days, there are a few trends we should keep from these impressionable years. Did anyone say 5pm Gin and Tonic??? 

Rugs available @Coconapple
Nowadays family life looks a lot different so there's something we have to admit. In all the haste to make our homes cosy and functional, safer for our families with open planned living and a little more hardy to deal with the day to day running of a household. Maybe we have forgotten to personalise and glamourise this gorgeous space. Why not inject a little retro chic or old world glamour into our dining rooms in the form of a statement rug.
If your look is modern and you brave that gleaming white or concrete topped Dining Table, a statement rug can soften the lines and starkness and add some colour. For hard floor surfaces like tiles, hardwood, or the oh so lucky few with polished concrete or slab terrazzo (how I envy you) a rug can add a cosiness and a sense of warmth, as well as hide the crumbs of our untrained offspring. A rug with a strong hue can bring together all other colour elements and make the room cohesive and look like we actually know what we are doing.
Rugs available @Coconapple
Although many rugs can solve some of these issues, a statement rug can give you that extra personality that you may not want in the calmness and serenity of a room like you're living or bedroom, but which our homes and life in general might be crying out for. A Dynamite Dining Room, Why the hell not???
Just one Homewares addict writing about what she loves xx
Rug Listing 
Coconapple are here to help, leave us a comment if you need input into your selection choices
Images from Pinterest and Coconapple


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October 26, 2018


Summer Dreaming of the best outdoor spaces....

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October 08, 2018


Here's a little secret... Im obsessed with Kid's Rooms

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October 05, 2018



Ok lets talk about blue... Blue is the highest ranking colour on the "lets get to know you conversation" of "Whats your favourite colour?" Personally Im a pink and green girl but in my home, I do love a bit of blue. Being that it's so highly ranked, you cant really go wrong when it comes to choosing an accent colour for your room if you go with this honest and reliable hue. 


 Blue brings a clean freshness to a room, in its paler shades of baby and powder blue it can be peacefully serene, in its darker form Royally dignified. It works really well with its neighbour on the colour wheel green, especially in more casual areas of the home like the bedroom where you want to promote relaxation. Give your room a good punch with a slight accent of orange (that can be in the form of more burnt orange shades or even light orange toned tan leathers for those who don't want to wear sunnies at home) but any citrus tones will work well with blue. Actually pretty much any colour will go with it although in my opinion and this is just my personal opinion, avoid blue and red, it can look a bit superhero comic looking. Unless you like that sort of thing, no judgement here.


To bring blue into our lives we don't necessarily have to chuck a whole tin of paint at the walls, if you're a bit more nervous or colour shy or you just like to stick to a more neutral palatte with the odd accent, go for a cushion, throw and/or a piece of art. If you're a bit more confident with colour, a beautiful rug or sofa can make such a statement. Now if you do want to throw caution to the wind and live on the edge a little, there are some stunning kitchens and bathrooms out there, designed by some very creative and clever people. Use these for inspiration to transform some of the most important rooms in your home.
Don't be scared of colour people, remember that this is your home and should reflect you taste and personality. Whatever that may be.
Just one Homewares addict writing about what she loves xx
Coconapple are here to help, if you want this look but don't know where to start, leave us a comment and we'll get you started.
Images from Pinterest


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October 02, 2018


Getting that cool Tropicoastal look is easy and affordable with our tips...

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