Oversized Rugs

Do you have a large interior space that is crying out for a touch of warmth and style? An oversized area rug may be just what your area needs. With a wide range of rug colours, designs and textures to choose from, we’re sure to have the perfect fit at Coconapple. 

Add a touch of warmth and style with an oversized area rug

Oversized area rugs are perfect for making large areas feel warm and welcoming. In fact,  they also work particularly well on hard flooring where comfort and warmth are often lacking. By effectively creating small and homey areas within an open space, these rugs can also serve as a divider in open plan areas. And, if you’re dealing with a cluttered or overcrowded space, an oversized area rug can help create a feeling of depth and space.

The perfect oversized area rug for your interior space

If you’re considering buying an oversized area rug, there are certain things you need to think about before making a choice. To be sure you get the perfect piece for your home, consider your existing decor and style, as well as the area where you plan on placing the rug. Oversized rugs are perfect for large, spacious living rooms and open floor plan areas, and are best used as an anchor for your furnishings, with some floor space left exposed. 

At Coconapple, we have a huge collection of luxurious and attractive oversized area rugs, including traditional vintage inspired rugs and comfortable wool mix rugs. To find the best one for your space, choose a style, texture and colour combination to match your interior decor.

Shop Coconapple for quality oversized rugs in Australia

No doubt about it, a stylish oversized area rug can truly transform any large interior space. At Coconapple, we’ve been giving people the chance to find high-quality rugs for their homes since 2015. We cater to everyone and every budget. As your on-trend and traditional rug specialists, we’d love to help you find the best oversized area rug for your living space. 

Along with oversized rugs, we stock an extensive range of premium small, medium and large rugs. Whatever size or style you’re after, we’re sure to have the perfect fit to enhance your interior space and decor. 

To ensure you have the best possible experience with us, we offer Australia-wide free shipping, along with the option of interest-free repayments with Afterpay. Need help with something? Get in touch today! We’re always more than happy to answer any questions you may have.