Plain Rug

Add a simple rug to complement your existing space

If you’re looking for a plain rug for your home that will perfectly complement your existing decor, you’ll find a range of quality pieces in our Classic Solid Collection at Coconapple. Our experienced in-house interior design team have curated this collection of plain rugs to provide styling options for customers looking to incorporate a simple accent into their space.

How to style plain area rugs

A simple, plain area rug doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be impactful. Rather than opting for a statement rug, a plain rug can help layer the existing decor items in your space to build an overall cohesive look. A plain area rug can help frame a room, so we suggest adding it to the centre of the room to tie in the other accents like throw cushions, coffee tables, artwork, lamps and seating. 

How to choose the perfect colour plain rug for your home

Selecting the right colour plain rug can is important to maintain the interior decor synergy. You don’t want your plain area rug to overpower the room, so make sure you find a size and style that complements the overall style. Accordingly, our Coconapple Classic Solid Collection features a range of solid coloured rugs in various materials. Choosing a rug in a solid colourway is an excellent way to frame your space and complement the room's accent pieces. If you already have a room filled with eye-catching furniture and homewares, a solid coloured rug can serve as a base for these pieces. 

Bright coloured rugs add a pop of colour and an extra element of character to any room. Many of our solid colour rugs have a blend of high-quality viscose, which gives them a gorgeous sheen and a little more depth. Neutral coloured rugs are great for a monochrome look or a room with a minimalist design. These rugs will allow for the other pieces in the space to pop, while framing them beautifully. 

While colour is a great way to blend together the elements of the room, we suggest avoiding patterns as this can bring a sense of clutter and overwhelm the senses. Your best bet is to find a solid plain colour that works with your existing pieces. When shopping our Coconapple Classic Solid Collection, you’ll find an array of different colours to suit your tastes.

Discover plain rugs online at Coconapple

Find the perfect plain rug for your home by shopping from our Classic Solid Collection at Coconapple. Browse our online store and discover a range of quality pieces that will complement your existing space.

If you want to source a few different rugs for various spaces in your home, we also stock small rugs, medium rugs, large rugs, extra large rugs and oversized rugs that can be styled to suit different rooms. We also carry a collection of blue rugs, Moroccan style rugs, multi-colour rugs, vintage-inspired rugs, white rugs and plenty more.

At Coconapple, we know that sometimes choice can be overwhelming, which is why we will gladly help you with any query you may have. Our in-house interior design experts are on hand to offer style tips, product advice, and answer any other questions — feel free to get in contact today.