Nomadic Rugs

Moroccan-style rugs — the latest interior design trend

One of the most popular trends in interior design styling over the past few years has been Moroccan-style rugs. You’ll find many people have been drawn to the unique patterns, warm textures and beautiful colourways. If you’re looking to update your interiors, at Coconapple, we have curated a Nomadic Collection which features premium rugs from around the world, including Moroccan rugs, Berber rugs and more. 

Distinct design features

When shopping for Berber or Moroccan-style rugs from our Nomadic Collection, you’ll notice very distinct design features. These woven rugs have a long history in the Nomadic communities of Northern Africa, with women using thick wool to weave intricate patterns. Many of the styles we carry feature unique tassel designs, colourful tribal motifs and shaggy textures. When browsing our Coconapple collection, you’ll be able to discover a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, patterns and colours to suit your style.

How to style our Nomadic Collection

The beauty of a Moroccan rug comes down to its versatility. Our Nomadic Collection of Moroccan-style rugs offers customers to choose a style that suits their interior design tastes. You can opt for a rug in a warm, earthy tone for a more minimalist look in your home or brighten up a space with a Moroccan rug that has been woven using colourful wool and bold patterns. Our rugs can perfectly complement an existing space, or you can build your decor around a statement Moroccan-style rug.

Find Moroccan rugs in Australia by shopping the Nomadic Collection

If you’re looking to bring a unique sense of style to your home, then choose a Moroccan style rug from our Coconapple Nomadic Collection. We invite you to check out our wide variety of styles that come in different shapes, sizes, colours and textures to suit your taste. 

To upgrade your space with alternative rug styles, be sure to check out our collection of oriental rugs, vintage-inspired rugs, traditional rugs, multi-colour rugs, geometric rugs or a rug in a specific colour. For tips on how to style your new rug from Coconapple, be sure to check out our blog full of helpful interior design ideas. 

If you’re stumped on which rug might work best in your home, we would be more than happy to help you decide — just get in touch today! Once you’ve found the right products for you, simply add them to your cart and enjoy free shipping on all orders.