October 02, 2018


As Spring sets in and the weather starts to warm, our minds wander to a long hot summer and our homes start to come to life again. A cosy winter home is lovely, that feeling of hibernation but only for so long, the minute the temperature starts to rise we feel the need to throw open those windows and doors and let our home breathe again.

Fortunately we don't all have to have $3 Million views to give our home a stunning Tropicoastal Vibe, its easy and can be done on any budget. I don't know about you but I am a cushion ADDICT, like really, I have a problem. I find Cushions to be such a valuable tool when changing the look of a room. I know people, not naming names as I may just be one of them, that have quite a collection stored away that come out at the change of a season, maybe whilst adding one or two new ones for that extra special new in season feel. Tropical cushions in green palm prints won't let you down and added with classic Black and White not only do they never go out of fashion but black also plays a huge role in getting that very cool Aussie beach feel. They can be pride of place for your Spring/Summer makeover. 


Artwork can have such an impact on the feel of a room, buy good frames in standard sizes and change up your prints at will. This is one of the reasons we first started stocking unframed prints as we found it a good alternative to expensive store bought art when we bought our first home. Go for images of Palm Trees and Beaches, throw in a few Surfers if you like that added cool factor. Look for something a little quirky to add a bit of personality, our Hard Love Collection is a great example.

And finally if you need any more reasons to take the plunge, you get to call your home Tropicoastal, what's cooler then that???  
Just one homewares addict writing about what she loves xx

Coconapple are here to help, if you want this look but don't know where to start, leave us a comment and we'll get you started.

Images from Coconapple, Pexels and Pinterest