October 05, 2018


Ok lets talk about blue... Blue is the highest ranking colour on the "lets get to know you conversation" of "Whats your favourite colour?" Personally Im a pink and green girl but in my home, I do love a bit of blue. Being that it's so highly ranked, you cant really go wrong when it comes to choosing an accent colour for your room if you go with this honest and reliable hue. 


 Blue brings a clean freshness to a room, in its paler shades of baby and powder blue it can be peacefully serene, in its darker form Royally dignified. It works really well with its neighbour on the colour wheel green, especially in more casual areas of the home like the bedroom where you want to promote relaxation. Give your room a good punch with a slight accent of orange (that can be in the form of more burnt orange shades or even light orange toned tan leathers for those who don't want to wear sunnies at home) but any citrus tones will work well with blue. Actually pretty much any colour will go with it although in my opinion and this is just my personal opinion, avoid blue and red, it can look a bit superhero comic looking. Unless you like that sort of thing, no judgement here.


To bring blue into our lives we don't necessarily have to chuck a whole tin of paint at the walls, if you're a bit more nervous or colour shy or you just like to stick to a more neutral palatte with the odd accent, go for a cushion, throw and/or a piece of art. If you're a bit more confident with colour, a beautiful rug or sofa can make such a statement. Now if you do want to throw caution to the wind and live on the edge a little, there are some stunning kitchens and bathrooms out there, designed by some very creative and clever people. Use these for inspiration to transform some of the most important rooms in your home.
Don't be scared of colour people, remember that this is your home and should reflect you taste and personality. Whatever that may be.
Just one Homewares addict writing about what she loves xx
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