June 23, 2021

Choosing a rug or in fact multiple rugs for your home can be a daunting task, with the options available on the market today. So here we look at how to break it down and make the best choice that will meet all your needs. Even though, like many pieces we choose for our home, we can be led by the heart, it is best to start with practicalities.

Look at the size of the space you are purchasing for, is it a small intimate room or a large family space? Once you know where you’re buying for, look at your furniture placement in the room, decide if you want to create a zone by having all your furniture or seating, comfortably sitting on top, or you prefer to go for something smaller to create an intimate nook. When looking at a seating area at the very least you should try to have all front legs of your lounges, armchairs and side tables placed on the rug. If in doubt go bigger, there is nothing more uncomfortable and aesthetically unpleasing then a floating rug with nothing grounding it to the space. Another good option is to get out the masking tape, always a winning tip, when trying to visualise your space.    

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What’s your next priority, this could be price or material? If your budget is healthy and this is an investment piece, you can’t go past wool, it’s not only the ultimate in luxury and the fibre used since the beginning of rug history but when looked after can last decades and some Persian wool rugs for example, actually appreciates in value. A large Wool rug can be a statement piece, a work of art and can bring your whole space together. If your budget is a little more on the skinny side you still have many options, so look at your material preference to narrow things down.

Many people have a strong opinion on Synthetic Fibre Rugs, for all of there hardy, cost effective and stunning design options, the fact that they are not a natural fibre will rule them out, in this instance, a jute or sisal woven rug or a cotton Kilim will give you a good starting point. If your space is on the larger side or you want a to create a statement, layering two rugs is a great option and one Designers often use. A large Jute Rug with a smaller wool or cotton rug on top makes for quite a feature.

If your happy to consider the Synthetic option, there are so many gorgeous designs and colours to choose from. There are many reasons why a synthetic rug should be considered, price is the obvious one, but most synthetic fibre rugs can also be easily cleaned in comparison to some of their natural counterparts, which make them a great option for families with both two and four legged kids. Being cost effective also means that buying a rug that is on trend in regard to pattern or colour is less scary as it can be changed when you want to go in a different direction.

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Now you’ve got to the fun part, deciding on the Colour and Style of your new rug. Like other stables in your home, your lounge or dining table for example, a rug can blend or contrast depending on your personal preference. If you like a more minimal feel, an uncluttered fuss free take on interiors, going for a colour that blends with its surroundings will work well. This can be solid with some texture by choosing a short pile with added silk or viscose, or a long pile that will add layers and interest. A pattern rug can also be a good choice if you stick to the same hue throughout the pattern.

For those who are a little more adventurous or just love having more then one hero piece in a room, look at your pattern options, traditional medallion or watercolour floral, it all depends on the look you want to create. Pick out any current patterns in your room, cushions, curtains, lounge fabric, or even the lines in your furniture or architecture, do you favour the curve of an armchair design or arch doorway, or the sharp clean lines of window shutters or celling panelling, all these observations can help you work out your design style and what rug pattern will work best.

Colour works the same way and should be treated like we do when we consider the colour of our walls or lounge cushions. Look up a colour wheel online and see what colours complement or contrast with your current look, by where they sit on the colour wheel. A hot tip from one of the top Interior Designers, check out your own wardrobe, what colour

do you like to wear? what colour makes you feel good? At the end of the day, your home should be your happy place and evoke the same emotions we have when we put on our favourite pair of jeans or a stunning new dress.

So be brave and most importantly have fun when choosing a new Rug for your home.

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1 Noble, Gamma, available at Coconapple

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