January 06, 2021

Bookshelves are a great way to bring some personality into your home. They are being used far less now for books and more as a space to show off your style and a few personal mementos. 

Bookshelves can be your classic standing unit, or another fun way to style them is lying them on their sides. You can then use some wicker baskets from Kmart or IKEA, and add a couple extra shelves from Bunnings and you’re done! We love a bit of DIY here at Coconapple.

Okay so you have chosen your bookshelf, decided where it’s going to go and which way you want it to face. Now the fun begins, it’s time to style!

It can be a little overwhelming at first with so much empty space but if you take into account these tips, you should be able to create a beautiful display unit for your home.

Tip number one:

Choose a cohesive colour scheme, and stick to it. Before you start buying bits and pieces to style your bookshelf, have a look around your home and see what you already have that you could use. Perhaps a stack of your favourite old books? Or an ornament you bought while on holidays in Greece. Collate a few personal items you would like to include, see which colours will work with them and go from there! It’s important to choose a colour scheme early on to avoid over-buying! Our personal favourites are monochrome, art deco or bright vibrant pops of colour.

Tip number two: 

Actually incorporate books. I know, it sounds obvious when talking about a bookshelf but as mentioned before they can be used to display all kinds of things! Have some books lying down, some stacked to create height, some leaning against each other and even an open book lying down. Change the direction the books are facing. Mixing it up keeps things interesting!

Tip number three:

Keep it simple, there’s no need to overcrowd! When buying bits and pieces to style your bookshelf, it is best done in small parts. Collect items from around your home first, then start with buying 3 or 4 items to go with them. You will need a large statement piece, a good collection of books, some personal trinkets and some framed photos to begin. Then you can start adding finishing touches like a candle to go on top of a stack of books, or some dried flowers for your vase. 

Tip number four:

Only display meaningful trinkets that make your heart happy. Using items that are already around your home is a great way to ensure that it is something you love, or has a good story behind it. Anything with a story behind it is great as a conversation starter when you have people in your home. Items collected from overseas trips, family members and loved ones are always a win. When buying new items, ask yourself ‘do I LOVE this, or am I just picking it because it goes with my colour scheme. Make sure it’s something you love because further down the track if you decide to change up your colour scheme you may want to display these items elsewhere in the home!

Tip number five:

Bring some life into your display with fresh or dried plants. There are so many great indoor plants you can use to add colour and life to your bookshelf. We love a hanging succulent for this kind of space. Dried pampas grass or flowers can also work great in these spaces. Use a colourful or textured vase and add some different heights to shelves as well.

Tip number six:

Make it personal! Get a couple photos of yourself with your loved ones, or even pictures of your pets or favourite places. Choose a few different frames that work with your colour scheme and scatter them around the shelves! This makes the space feel personal to you.

We hope that the biggest takeaway from this blog is to have fun with your styling! Play with your favourite colours, add some personality and don’t be afraid to make it different.