Flokati - Shag Rug

$379.95 $322.96

A flokati rug is a handmade shag wool rug that will look perfect in any living space!

Making flokatis is a long-time tradition of the Vlachs in the Pindus mountains. The natural colour of a flokati rug is natural off-white, but they may be dyed different colours.

The entire rug is wool, including the backing from which the tapered shag emerges. After the rug is woven, it is placed in the cold water of a river to fluff the shag.

They continue to be handmade in the mountains of Greece and are regarded as desirable all over the world for modern decor and children's rooms.

  • Hand-knotted NZ wool
  • Made in Greece
  • Soft, machine washable pile.
  • Natural Sheep wool colour

**Please note, Flokati rugs are not like ordinary shaggy rugs, they have a natural knotted pile, so will shed.**