The Eco Collection

Our Eco Collection includes a range of eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable rugs. In 2021, more people are trying to be conscious with their purchases, ensuring that they are making the right decisions not only for themselves but also for the environment. 

What makes a rug eco friendly? 

Rugs that are sourced from natural plant or animal resources, treated using non-chemical methods and are handmade, as they require less energy to produce.

Jute, for example, is made from a jute plant and is treated only using water. The fibres are then dried and handwoven to create the gorgeous natural golden rugs we see in many homes around the world. These rugs are sometimes dyed and often a natural dye is used to create the vibrant colours. 

The jute plants are not fertilised and only need rain water to thrive, therefore making them a sustainable fibre. Rugs made from 100% non-dyed jute can be composted and are biodegradable, degrading in 1-2 years.