APERITIVO ROSSI - Vintage Alcohol Poster Print Sizes A5 to A0

A vintage poster is a piece of history. However, age alone isn't what makes a vintage poster most desirable or collectible. Our collection of vintage posters will add life and style to your room. Will a number of sizes from A5 to A0 to choose, you can really alter the look and feel of your living space. All our vintage style posters are replicas of original posters from anywhere between 20 and 100 years old, we have even left in now visual decay, giving it that real vintage look. Please note that due to these fantastic posters being replicas, there may be small pixalations in some areas, but this just all adds to the look!.
The paper we use is a high quality dense fibre with a 2000gsm weight, giving a far superior finish and feel, it is unlike your normal poster paper, which tends to be thinner and more fragile, ours is more like card paper.
**Please note that the sale is for the print only, it doesn not include the frame.**